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Welding image from a company engineering video
Video Production / Live Action Filming
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Technical Product Videos
Surface Profiler
Image from Cleanroom Manufacturing Video
Cleanroom Environment
Location Video Filming
R & D video
Research & Development
Corporate Video Productions
Support Operations
Manufacturing Distribution - Image from Looking Glass Video Productions
Manufacturing Distribution
Construction Industry Projects
Manufacturing Video Production UK
Manufacturing Facilities

Video Production Company UK

Live Action Location Video Filming

Our video production experience includes product videos, staff inductions, industrial sequences and technical presentations. We offer a full video package including filming in HD, editing, scripting and voicing, music licensing, and foreign languages.

We can film either self-contained videos, or, video-segments which can be incorporated into your animations.

Video Showreel

Please click HERE to see our SHOWREEL

Featuring a selection of animation and video clips from our technical sector presentations.

Looking Glass Video Production Company UK

Manufacturing Video Inserts

Our factory / facility / plant tours can bring a powerful edge to your company's technical product animation. These facility overviews can also be incorporated into your animation to help define your manufacturing or service capabilities - adding a real-world dimension to any animated presentation.

Technical Product Video

Video can be used to showcase in-depth technical features and operational benefits of your products. Our videos are designed to communicate directly with the engineer and technical buyer.

Training / Safety Video

We've covered many areas including; staff and office building inductions, safety awareness, systems training, company/organisation procedural & operational overviews.

Please click HERE for our animation and video showreel

Video Production for Technical Products from UK company Looking Glass