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Hydroelectric Energy
Hydroelectric Dam (Sectioned)
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Hydropower Animation - Renewable Energy
Hydropower Renewable Energy
Power Storage System...
Cryogenic Energy Storage (CES)
Power Storage Animation
Renewable energy animation...
Renewable Energy Animation - Solar & Wind Power
Solar, Wind & Storage Animation
Nuclear Power Plant Animation
Nuclear Power Plant Animation (Engineering Works)
Renewable Energy Distribution Schematic
Energy Distribution Schematic

Energy & Renewable Energy Animation

Bespoke Technical Animation

Looking Glass is a specialist animation company that works solely in the technical sector creating in-depth presentations and explainers. Animation is the perfect tool for illustrating emerging energy sectors such as solar power, wind turbines & farms or geothermal.

Recent work has included a large scale energy animation project for a power storage development company featuring a system that uses liquefied air as the energy storage medium. The five minute promotional video was also translated from English into Chinese and Japanese language versions.

Video Showreel

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Featuring a selection of 3D animation clips from energy and other technical sector presentations.

3D Animation for Wind Power, Hydroelectric and Solar Energy

Energy & Support Industry Sector Animation

Apart from our animation work for the renewable energy sector, we've also been involved in other energy fields including gas storage, nuclear and the offshore and onshore oil and gas safety.

Nuclear Energy Engineering

Energy Sector Animation for Promotional or Explainer Presentations

Our animation presentations ar often accompanied by a commentary track to help get across key technical features and benefits and can be translated into any language for worldwide distribution. Please see our FAQs page for more information about getting projects up and running.

Video clips from our energy and other projects can found on our 3D animation showreel page HERE

Liquid Air Energy Storage