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Civil Engineering Project - Health
Health - Civil Engineering Project
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New NHS Hospital Project
New Hospital Project Commisioning
3D Animation - Logo Sequences
3D Animation - Logo Sequences
Architectural Visualisations
Architectural Visualisations
Corporate Video Production
Corporate Communications
Security Monitoring
Security Monitoring
City Visualisation
Architectural Environments
Technical Product 3D Animation for Sales and Markeing - Mechanical Engineering
Cut-Throughs - Mechanical Engineering

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Health - Civil Engineering

We have been involved with a large civil engineering project covering the commissioning of a new hospital complex - creating both animation and using live action filming for building familiarisation, systems training and fire safety.


Lab and pharmaceutical equipment layout architectural visualisations are an important segment of our work - machine configurations, interiors and complex diagnostic environments can all be accurately modelled using 3D animation.

Formats typically include fly-throughs, planning-aids, layout simulations and pre-build reviews - allowing potential customers to see what the finished facility will look like before it ever leaves the drawing-board.

Corporate Communication

This area really covers a gamut of topics: from corporate-videos, PowerPoint insert animations, internal launch videos through to fun videos for the Company Christmas Dinner!

Video Showreel

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Featuring a selection of 3D animation clips from our engineering and other technical sector presentations.

Health, Architectural, Mechanical and Civil Engineering Animation Projects

3D Hospital Ward Visualisation - Health Architectural Engineering