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Oil Refinery - Architectural Engineering
Oil Processing Plant
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Construction Project - Civil Engineering
Building A Virtual World
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Glass Melt Tank - Mechanical Engineering
Glass Melt Tank Simulation
Industrial Engineering Process
Engineering Process Walk-through
Fuel Filter - Mechanical Engineering
Fuel Filter Sectioned View
Flow Profile Visualisation - Mechanical Engineering
Flow Profile Visualisation

Architectural, Civil & Mechanical Engineering Animation

Build from the Ground Up - Technical Sales Presentations

Entire engineering environments can be animated inside a computer - from industrial complexes to offshore oil fields. The area can be 'flown around' and viewed from any angle to give an accurate impression of the layout and surroundings.

3D animation can bring complex civil, mechanical or architectural engineering projects to life and is far more accessible to the non-professional than schematic drawings and can really help your customer visualise what you're offering.

Video Showreel

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Featuring a selection of 3D animation clips from our engineering and other technology sector presentations.

Engineering & Industrial Presentations

Engineering Processes

It's not only architectural and civil engineering that can be convincingly portrayed with 3D animation - mechanical engineering processes can also look good too: extreme heat & cold, sound, ultrasonics, magnetic fields, centrifugal forces, time can be slowed-down/sped-up or stopped. Coalescence, filtration or microscopic detail can all be shown.

Mechancal Engineering Animation and Video

How Things Work

Show how your architectural, mechanical or civil engineering project fits together - 3D animation can help break down complex technical systems into more understandable parts and introduce your audience to things in simple steps.

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Petrochemical Plant - Architectual Engineering