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Aviation Animation from Looking Glass Animations Studio
3D Animation at its best - Click arrows for more examples
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3D Technical Product Animation
Specialist Product Animations
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Video Production Company UK
Video Production
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Edge Protection Safety Barrier
Safety Systems - Product Animation
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Oil and Gas - 3D Animation Company UK
Oil and Gas Animation
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Energy Industry Presentation from 3D animation company Looking Glass
Energy Sector Presentation
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Aerospace Simulation / 3D Animation
Aerospace Sector Animation

Technical 3D Animation Company

Welcome to the Looking Glass website

Our company was established in the UK in 2000 and since then our studio has been creating eye-catching technical 3D animation and video for a wide variety of companies across many sectors; including oil and gas, manufacturing, energy, aviation, aerospace, construction, pharmaceuticals and engineering.

Video Showreel

Please click HERE to see our 2017 SHOWREEL

Featuring 3D animation and video clips from a selection of our technical product promos, visualisations, safety, sales and marketing presentations.

Tailor-made Presentations

Every one of our 3D animation projects is different and uniquely crafted - we don't use 'off the self' components or templates. We offer an all-round production service including scripting, soundtrack and language versions if needed.

Our 3D animation and video presentations are used widely for sales & marketing, exhibitions, technical product launches, safety, training, staff inductions and company promos.

Quick Links

Application Overview...

Broadly speaking, our 3D animation and video projects often fall under the general categories of sales and marketing, safety and training, or product presentations - just click on any of the images below for further information.

Example Technical Sectors...

In addition to the example sectors listed below, we've also worked closely with manufacturing, metrology, electronic, pharmaceutical, HSE, petrochemical and construction sector companies.

Our Services...

Technical 3D animation is our company's main focus of work, complemented with live-action video filming projects that includes product videos, factory tours, corporate video and technical sales presentations.

Useful Information...

Find out what's needed to get any company project underway, a bit about us, and that age old question 'how much?'.

Image Gallery...

The gallery studio contains a wide selection of 3D animation and video stills with information about each. Aditionally, you'll also find a slide-show at the top of most pages - just scroll up and click the side arrows for more examples of work.

Here to help

Thank you for visiting - please contact us if you'd like to know more about our bespoke 3D animation or video services...

...and don't worry if your company has never been involved any form of 3D animation or video project before - we'll help you through every step of the way in creating your own masterpiece!

3D Oil and Gas Offshore Platform by the company Looking Glass